What are the ingredients used in Resurge?

Here is a list of the ingredients used in Resurge that give it an edge in providing a peaceful night’s sleep to the body, along with the much needed ‘deep sleep’ phase for rejuvenation of all its vital cells and processes:

Because melatonin is responsible in regulating the sleep-wake cycle, Resurge incorporates a carefully determined ratio of this ingredient in its formula to induce better sleeping patterns. It is especially helpful in managing delayed sleep phase syndrome and regulating the circadian rhythm sleep disorders Resurge Diet Pills.

This ingredient of Resurge has anti-oxidative properties which enable it to protect the body from the oxidative damages caused by toxins and the byproducts of energy production. Melatonin also plays an important part in enhancing immunity because a number of melatonin receptors are present in a variety of immune cells. This enables it to stop the production of inflammatory compounds in the body. 

This common amino acid is found in the food we consume and exhibits numerous benefits on health. It is considered as an ergogenic aid that improves endurance and strength in the body. It enhances the production of HGH, resulting in the slowdown of age-related degenerative damages on the body. 

Resurge uses arginine in its formula for enhancing vital bodily functions. It promotes better blood circulation by producing nitric oxide, which helps to relax blood vessels and reduce pumping pressure on the heart. This helps it in regulating blood pressure and also addresses erectile dysfunction. This ingredient also helps Resurge to control blood sugar levels by enhancing insulin sensitivity and breakdown of sugar in the blood. Moreover, it increases the restorative quality of sleep, allowing metabolic regeneration to occur smoothly.

Sleep deprivation has been sighted as one of the major reasons for the production of the stress hormone, cortisol. It has been linked directly to serotonin levels and impacts mood and behavioral responses of the body. In addition, Lysine ratios used in the formula of Resurge help to calm down stress and anxiety levels and promote better sleep-wake cycles while enhancing the quality of sleep. This immunity booster is also beneficial formetabolizing fat to increase weight loss. It aids the absorption of essential nutrients like calcium in the body for a stronger core. 

This nutrient is readily found in green tea and has a number of health benefits that include aiding weight loss and preventing fat accumulation. This phytonutrient is also fundamentally beneficial for promoting sleep and relaxation in the body. it increases thermogenesis which results in increasing the internal body temperature, resulting in a faster metabolism. It also works as an anti-oxidant and improves brain function and cognitive responses and also protects the heart and its blood vessels.

When taken before bed, ashwagandha has been proven to instigate better sleep in insomniac patients. This ingredient of Resurge works as an adaptogen and helps the body to cope with the continuous exposure to stress by readily reducing the stress hormone cortisol. Excellent at reducing stress and anxiety issues, it has also been found to work to reduce cortisol levels, boost brain function and control blood sugar levels. Other noted benefits of this ingredient of Resurge are reducing stress related weight gain, control hypothyroidism and boost immunity.

Also known as 5-HTTP, this ingredient of Resurge is a natural precursor to serotonin, a neurotransmitter that enhances the ‘feel-good’ chemicals in the brain and body. Hydroxytryptophan soothes anxiety, depression, insomnia and regulates weight of the body. Fibromyalgia is another condition that is soothed with this ingredient of Resurge. It improves pain, stiffness and fatigue, while also increasing the production of melatonin in the body.

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