Tips on Buying Property in Spain

Factors which attract expatriates to Spain include its warm climate, high standard of living at relatively low cost, relatively low house prices, good infrastructure and stable economy. Many expats have opened bars, cafes and other businesses there, especially in the main tourist areas. Expatriates report that the locals make them feel very welcome in Spain and that they enjoy the relaxed approach to life and the family-oriented culture.

However, buying a home in Spain is a big decision, requiring much preparation before making a purchase. Try to utilize the many information sources now available – books, magazines, television, the Internet, experiences of friends already living in Spain, etc.

Some useful ideas and points to bear in mind:

– Select the region you feel will suit your needs, book a holiday home there for 2 or more weeks to look around and Avvocato Spagna experience the good and bad points about living there.

– Make friends with local people, always a good source of advice on day-to-day matters.

– Mortgages – how much will a bank lend you? Investigate and stick to that, focus on properties within your means. Don’t make any hasty decisions and negotiate yourself a bargain.

– If your home currency is not the Euro, watch the exchange rate as you will be buying your Spanish home in Euros.

– Arrange to view several properties, make notes on them to review at home.

– Appoint a lawyer and a notary (“notario”) when buying your home – lawyers carry out essential checks, including the small print of contracts, whereas the notario witnesses signatures and ensures taxes are paid. Notarios are impartial and collect fees from both buyer and seller.

– Take a Spanish language course, there are lots of unfamiliar legal terms which it would benefit you to know when buying property in Spain.

– IMPORTANT – unpaid debts on Spanish property are inherited by the buyer! Check again for these before signing the final contract (“escrita”).

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