The Truth About Why You Should Study In Singapore

It is no secret that Singapore has been ranked very favourably in many global surveys as one of the best places to study.

As a Singaporean educator, I have written this article to give you some tips about why you too should choose Singapore to study. Why Study In Singapore

For this article, I have written in the context that you will be studying for a degree.


There are a number of regulatory bodies here that will ensure that the degree that you are studying is recognised and there are checks and balances to help give you the best experience ever in terms of teaching and academic content. Private commercial universities are stringently audited to ensure that your heavy financial investment will not be wasted if your school were to close and you are left high and dry.

English As A Working Language

Most Singaporeans are bilingual and very proficiently use English as a working language. The reason is the national examinations are conducted in English and students have to pass the English language paper to be able to advance.

World-class Libraries

Singapore has one of the best libraries which are easily-accessible around the country. For a small fee, you are able to borrow the latest books for a stipulated period of time. The libraries are well-stocked with books, multi-media and magazines. There is also wifi-connections in all libraries.

Internet and Telecommunications

As a new undergraduate, there will be expectations that you have to do intensive research. With this in mind, the Singapore government has created an excellent ecosystem of internet and telecommunications that are the best that any country can offer. You will experience a stable and cost-effective platform that will match your most demanding need for communication and on-the-go mobile research.

Good Transport system

Singapore has a very reliable transport system that is also cost-effective and comfortable to use. This will allow you to move about without much worry about being late for urgent meetings and classes.

Melting-pot of different cultures

There are few countries in the world that have such a diverse number of international student-population like Singapore. It is truly a melting-pot of different cultures and you will easily find a new friend from your home country to bring a level of familiarity as you embark in completing your degree programme. This will enable you to be less homesick and form a new strong bond of mutual encouragement.

Personal Safety

The Singapore police force ensures that the incidence of crime is very low. The reason is that the police force not only shows a strong physical presence but also spends effort in educating the general public to be the extra eyes to deter crime. There is a strong bond of trust between Singaporeans and the police force.


It is common knowledge that we cannot just study without sustenance and food is aplenty in Singapore. This country offers a wide range of food that suits every stomach and wallet even for vegans. The best news is that the prices of food are reasonable and the food outlets can be located anywhere on the island. As a further bonus, many are open round-the-clock.


Nobody can study without taking some time off to relax. With this in mind, Singapore has a vibrant entertainment industry. You can watch the latest blockbuster Hollywood movies, be enthralled by a West-end musical or even go to a world-renowned museum to learn about the Asian Civilisations.

With all these tips, I wish you every success in your educational journey in Singapore.

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