The DICOM Viewer – Medical Imaging For the 21st Century

The DICOM Viewer represents perhaps the most significant advances in medical imaging since the introduction of X-Rays back around 1900. Not only are the images much clearer, they are far more cost-efficient, as the digital images produced by the DICOM viewer do not require the expensive darkroom facilities along with the costly and toxic chemicals required for development.

DICOM viewers have been around for almost twenty years. Back then however, the cost of the hardware was exorbitant, running into the low seven-figures in many cases. No doubt, you’ve noticed how the cost of personal computers in recent years has fallen, while the capabilities have increased dramatically. This phenomenon has also affected the cost of DICOM viewers.

This means that today, any health care facility – regardless of size or funding – can now afford to have a DICOM viewer in place, with prices starting at around $5000.

More Storage, Less Space

While the cost of real timeviewer continued to rise, the cost of “virtual space” continues to fall. Images that once required several hundred square feet of storage, using thousands of file folders in hundreds of shelves and a filing system that was at best cumbersome.

DICOM viewers provide digital images that can be stored on servers, DVDs, portable hard drives – just about any media that allows one to read and write computer files. In fact, the technology behind DICOM viewers is basically the same that operates a personal computer – which is what makes DICOM viewers user friendly as well. You simply call up the images you need on your own office computer or workstation.

The Web Advantage

DICOM web viewers not only eliminate the expense of traditional film development as well as the time spent filing and archival space, they allow for the ready viewing and transfer of images made in a wide variety of modalities – including MRI, EEG, CT and even old-fashioned x-rays. It is possible to view any of these on a good, high-resilution PC monitor without the necessity of complex and proprietary software. With DICOM web viewers, real-time collaboration and consultation over the Internet is now possible – and easier and faster than ever.

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