Temporary Medical Staffing – What Are Travel PTA Jobs?

With most clinics and hospitals posting their position opening with medical staffing agencies, the best place to start is with a staffing agency. You can try to brave the internet and find your own job, but the reality is many staffing firms have the inside track to helping you get placed right away in most situations. In addition to your search, you might be surprised to find out a lot of job posts today are for traveling PTA jobs.

Travel therapists and traveling medical staff positions are one of the fast growing areas today in the medical industry. Simply stated, traveling physical therapy assistants (PTA) jobs are short-term (often 4-8 weeks job assignments) that open-up around the country. For instance, a position might open for a PTA in Phoenix, AZ for 8 weeks due to staffing shortages, vacation, or sick leave of an employee in that location. When an assignment like this opens up, medical recruiters and medical staffing agencies are the first to know. This often occurs because the staffing agency already has a good working relationship with that specific provider. There are job posts that appear on internet bulletin boards, Craigslist, etc., but these are often first-come-first-serve in terms of availability and there is a great likelihood a staffing agency already has that spot filled.

There are numerous benefits to getting involved in travel PTA jobs:

• No more “same office – same faces” grind that can come with day-in-day-out jobs. This career path offers you the opportunity to work with new staff in a variety of changing places. You get to meet new people, make lasting professional relationships that will only enhance your own career down the road.

• Traveling therapy assistant jobs offer a sense of adventure! With the demand for temporary medical staffing exploding nationwide, a therapist can literally pick a region, city, and even specific locations as the positions come available. As a traveling therapist assistant you could be in Boston for the spring, Chicago for the summer, Denver Staffing Agency Denver for the fall, and Miami for the winter! Traveling medical staffing is a great way to see the country and get paid!

• Travel PTA jobs offer you legitimate professional development and build your resume! In working with the diverse team settings you get exposed to latest techniques and procedures. Travel PTA jobs builds your professional exposure and keeps your resume current, which only adds to the your value professionally. Medical experts agree that traveling medical staff are some our nations most prepared and best trained personnel due to the breadth of their career experience over a short period of time.

So as you continue to look for physical therapist assistant jobs, don’t be surprised to find more jobs opening in travel medical staffing. With its popularity expanding, the opportunities to meet knew people, build professional relationships, see the nation, and grow professionally will only become more available. Don’t discount this unique job venture. Get connected with a medical staffing agency and start your new career path today

TravelMed USA is committed to personalized, comprehensive service based on integrity, honesty, and reliability to both our therapists and our clients. Our mission is to support what you value and what your priorities are as a therapist; to create your ideal opportunity for your profession. For our clients, our mission is to integrate the ideal candidate for your needs.

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