Stats and Data – Why You Need Tracking Software on All Your Web Pages

Back when I first started running a web page a simple counter provided me with everything I really wanted to know… how many people had visited the site. keyword rank tracking software Today there is a lot more to know analyze and take into consideration as we build out our sites and marketing plans.

Today we have at our disposal full featured statistics programs that will provide us with all the information we could want about our visitors. We can see what search engine they came from, what time they arrived, how much time they spent on any page, the date, their browser type and a lot more information that is very valuable in tweaking and building any internet marketing campaign

It’s the keyword data that blows me totally away. The statistics will show you what keyword or phrase was searched for and what position your site was in at the time of the search. So, it will show me that I had a visitor who searched for “yellow house paint” and my site was #2 at the time of the search. This is incredibly valuable data. Knowing what keywords you are actually found for is something that you really need to sit back and analyze. This is important stuff! This is often where I find long tail key phrases that I hadn’t come up with previously.

Plan to spend some time each week or so going over the information provided by your statistics software. It’s important. Take your time and really analyze the information provided to you. I guarantee you will realize new ways of tweaking your site to improve rankings on the keywords that you see are being searched for. It is extremely good and valuable information that should not be overlooked, or taken lightly.

AXS Statistics program is what I first used. It’s available at and is still maintained and developed. It provides great information as has been mentioned in this article. I still use this free software today on quite a few sites.

We all know of Google, but did you know they offer a statistics program called Google Analytics? It’s free, very good and I use it across the board for all of my clients as well as on a lot of my own sites.

If you don’t already have tracking software on your site get some on there now. You really need to see the data that is being provided and get into tweaking your site to increase your visibility. It is as simple as signing up at Google Analytics and then pasting a small snippet of code onto all of your pages.

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