Respironics CPAP Masks: To Help You Breathe Easy, Literally

Sleep apnea is a problem that many people face and to combat this troublesome sleeping disorder, cotton face masks one can try the Respironics CPAP masks. These masks are fine-tuned to suit the many needs in a domestic environment and hence they are flexible, soft and easy to use. Let us take a quick peek at some of these mask types and also their various features.

Respironics CPAP masks are of the following types: nasal, full-face and minimal contact ones. The ComfortGel Blue comes with features like a fit-for-all-sizes headgear with four adjustment tabs for customized fitting; Silicon Comfort Flap which improves sealing and is easy to remove for cleaning, next generation gel technology cushions for additional comfort; StablilitySelector for adjusting and angled exhaust ports for sound-free exhalation away from the bed partner. Next comes the EasyLife Nasal Mask, with features like forehead adjust pads for custom fit, outer and inner seal cushions for adjustable cushions and perfect seal etc. The ComfortFusion Respironics CPAP masks comes with a DuoPack replacement kit containing additional cushions, along with the regular features like comfortable forehead pads, impeccable seals and 360 degree movable ball-and-socket Quick Clips for easy and fast removal. ComfortSelect and ComfortClassic are similar to the above Respironics CPAP masks.

The Profile Lite Respironics CPAP masks are specially designed for those who need great comfort when the mask is placed on the face. It comes with special softer and lighter cushion and is 100% customizable. This means that there is no need for too much inventory, since the standard size can be customized to fit the patient’s face without compromising on comfort. Its other features are soft gel cushions for the forehead, a built-in flexible flap to cover the inner contours of the nose for perfect seal, a silenced exhaustion port, pressure controlled ports and swivel for facilitating free movement of circuit tubing.

Other popular Respironics CPAP masks are the full-face masks, which are for patients who need the masks to cover the whole face for ensuring maximum seal. They are designed with the advanced sure seal technology (SST) that covers even the inner contours of the face and nose, thereby ensuring perfect and thick seal. Each of the full-face masks has replaceable cushions. The ComforGel Full also comes with integrated easy-to-remove ring tabs, adjustable forehead support and quick removal swivel.

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