Lucrative Consulting – Using Twitter, Facebook to Build Your Business

Maybe you don’t know how social media can be used to build your Consulting business. Maybe you feel its just a big waste of time, with no real way you could consistently get clients, build brand or name recognition from using something like twitter.

Lets take a little time here, and let me show you how to build a successful Consulting business using online social media services. tutorial comprar seguidores Begin with looking at how you already or might be able to use these services. If you spend time speaking to business professionals, or talking to people about business than were on the right path.

Because the social media world is a perfect pool of prospects and professionals.

“The Society for New Communications Research, conducted research which looked at 17,000 Internet users in 29 countries” and found that social media can have a dramatic impact on their brand’s reputation.

“34% post opinions about products and brands on their blog and 36% think more positively about companies that have blogs.”

What impact could that have on your business?

There is no faster way to create credibility and brand recognition than through social media. A valid reason alone for using sites such as Twitter and Face-book. Once you have begun to collect followers who seem interested in you and your business you will be in position to offer real value to those seeking more info on you and what you have to offer.

That usually comes in the nature of questions in a post. These questions get speared throughout an entire network, and how you answer these questions will reflect your professionalism and personal touch.

Through these occasions of interaction you will be building a “case history” of sorts. You can create a FAQ, list, you can conduct a Survey, invite others for Interviews, and even do some advertising by posting titles and links to helpful articles that you write.

As you can see this is the probably the fastest and most efficient way to interact with prospects. You will very quickly be able to connect to hundreds of thousands of real live people who can contribute to your business. By sending you valuable content and leads.

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