How to Stop Bullying Others in 4 Simple Steps

Most of the articles that you read in regards to bullying deal with how to stop a bully from victimizing you. However, there is a need for those which deal with teaching an individual how to stop bullying others. If you have made the decision to turn away from a life of bullying others, then the information within this article can help you do just that. The four simple steps below can help you turn away from a life of violence and make up for the things that you have done in your past.

1. Let Others Know You Are Done

The first thing that you must do if you want to stop bullying is to let others around you know that you are done harming others. Chances are that if you have been a bully for any length of time, others around you know you by your reputation for being mean. In order to move forward with a new way of life, it is important to ensure Link everyone around you knows of your new intentions. Often your actions can speak louder than words. Try doing something nice for others, and people will begin to see the truth.

2. Find a New Set of Friends

It is a pretty safe bet that once you turn away from your previous actions and stop bullying, your so called friends will begin to drift away. These same friends may even turn on you and begin bullying you in return. Even if your friends stick by your side, it may be best to look for a new set of friends who do not have violence and humiliation in mind. By associating with those who are kind and peaceful in nature, you ensure that you are not tempted to turn back to your old ways.

3. Earn Respect Don’t Command It

Now that you have stopped bullying others, you have lost your way of making others respect you. You will find that in order to get respect now, you will have to earn it. This is done by doing things that command respect through actions, kind words, or accomplishments; you can quickly regain the respect that you lost when you stopped bullying it out of others. It may even surprise you that respect that is earned is much more rewarding than that which is forced.

4. Make Amends

One of the hardest things you will have to do when you decide to stop bullying others is to make amends for all of the mean things that you have done. If you were a bully for any length of time, you probably hurt a lot of people in a variety of different ways. To truly turn over a new leaf and start over, you must ask forgiveness from these individuals, and try to make up for the pain that you caused.

If you have decided that you want to stop bullying and become a better person, there are several steps that will need to be taken. The four steps above can set you on the right path to making amends for your past and moving towards a new and peaceful life.

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