How to Find a Sugar Daddy

So you’ve decided that you want to find a sugar daddy. Congratulations! A life of pampered luxury awaits. Now all you have to do is figure out where to go and what to do in order to find your sugar daddy. Generally speaking, there are two methods to use for finding a sugar daddy to take care of your needs and desires. ¬†

The first way is commonly called “free-styling.” Free-styling involves going to places where potential sugar daddies congregate. This might be an upscale department store, charity events, golf courses, and the financial district. When you find a man who interests you, make eye contact. Give him a smile and, if you’re out shopping, give him a compliment about something he’s considering for purchase. This approach is not overly flirtatious and opens the door for real conversation. If he’s interested, he’ll talk to you. Otherwise, he’ll just consider you a friendly gal.

The second method for finding your sugar daddy is to put yourself out there with an advertisement. Newspapers, magazines, and other print ads are still popular. Another alternative is the phone dating lines that are available in most cities. Phone ads for women are almost always free, and if you choose the right time of day to place your ad, you can be more explicit about what it is you’re looking for. It is rumored that nighttime screeners are more lax than those who work the day shift. No discussion about finding a sugar daddy would be complete without mention of the internet as a resource. In addition to traditional print and voice advertising, the online dating world is evolving to include websites specifically targeted to sugar daddy/sugar baby relationships. Many websites have popped up in recent months, but only a few are of real use. Adding a photo to your profile is highly recommended. Many of the men won’t consider your email worth their time if you don’t.

Whatever approach you decide to take on the road to meeting your sugar daddy, you need to be consistent. You can’t expect to make one free-styling trip and be successful right off the bat. The same is true for advertisements. Remember…sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a sugar daddy.

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