How Is Hypoallergenic Soap Different From Other Soaps?

Soaps that are hypoallergenic is different from other soaps in terms of the amount of allergy producing chemicals. There are a lot of people who suffers from allergic reaction using soaps which has high concentration of chemicals that irritates the skin. Hypoallergenic soaps are made to have the minimal amount of these irritating substances while at the same time still serving its purpose. hypoallergenic diaper

Who Can Use It?

Basically everyone can use hypoallergenic soaps but in some instances it is highly recommended to those people who have sensitive skin. People often visit their dermatologist to determine what the probable causes of their allergies are and it turns out to be the soap they are using.

It is also recommended to those people suffering from eczema or a skin condition characterized by drying and flaking of the skin which most of the time leads to the person unable to stop scratching which leaves some cracks that can be a site of infection.

Babies are prone to skin irritation caused by prolonged use of soaked diapers and some of them suffers from eczema caused by the detergent used on their clothes.

Steps on How to Make Homemade Hypoallergenic Soaps

Step 1

In a large enamel pot, mix 10 cups of goat’s milk and 10 ½ oz of lye. Carefully stir the mixture with a wooden spoon which will generate hear and then set aside until it cools down to a temperature of 85 degrees Fahrenheit

Step 2

Add 8 tsp of sodium borate and 6 oz of glycerine to the mixture once it has been cooled.

Step 3

Add 3 ½ lbs of lard warmed at 90 degrees Fahrenheit to the hypoallergenic mixture.

Step 4

Beat the mixture for 15 minutes setting the beaters in a low speed while scraping the sides of the bowl with a wooden spoon.

Step 5

Let the mixture stand for 5 minutes then beating again for another 15 minutes as done on the previous step and letting it stand again for another 5 minutes.

Step 6

Pour the hypoallergenic mixture on a glass pan or a soap mold.

Step 7

Wait for 24 hours for the soap to harden and then remove the soap by inverting the molding pan or glass pan. Cut the soap into smaller bars and store them in a warm dry place.

Buying Guide

First: Look for online reviews or if you are not buying via online, ask some people you know who have been using a certain line of hypoallergenic soap. It pays to compare what people has to say regarding the products they use

Second: Compare prices both online and offline. The reason for this is for you to save some money while at the same time still receiving what your money paid for. Some hypoallergenic soap is more expensive than others because of the brand. Always compare prices and see where you can fit your budget.

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