Fantasy Football Preview – WR Rankings

Tier 1

1. Chad Johnson(Bengals)

-Ocho Cinco once again had a brilliant season in 2006 as he caught 87 passes for 7 TD’s. His rapport with QB Carson Palmer is a thing of beauty and they should continue to produce more of the same in 2007. The emergence of WR TJ Houshmanzadeh last year should also help Johnson in that he will mainly see one-on-one coverage. Draft the biggest sure-thing fantasy WR.

2. Steve Smith(Panthers)

-Carolina’s emotional star WR recorded numbers that were a drop-off from his ridiculous 2005 season due to a hamstring injury that caused him to miss two games and affected his running ability for the entire first half of the year. Now fully situs judi bola resmi, Smith is in line to have a very big year once again. Favorite QB Jake Delhomme also is healthy heading into training camp and thus a season of at least 90 catches with 8 scores is a lock. Wouldn’t quibble if you picked him over Johnson.

3. Torry Holt(Rams)

-your truly has owned Holt for the last four seasons and he is as big a reason as any that I have enjoyed great success in this game. The best route-runner in the game, Holt combines sprinters speed and soft hands to habitually turn out 90 catch, 8 TD seasons. Off-season surgery on his knee confirms that he isn’t as young as he used to be but count on another two years of top player out of Marc Bulger’s favorite target. Second round or very beginning of third round is where he will be chosen, hopefully by you.

4. Marvin Harrison(Colts)

-the ageless wonder turned in an incredible 2006 season, hauling in 93 passes with 10 scores at an age(35) where many receivers have started to decline. Of course you can’t ignore Harrison’s age when deciding whether to draft him or not but until he proves otherwise, then you would be foolish to pass on him. The chemistry he has with QB Peyton Manning is possibly the greatest passing show in NFL history and I believe Harrison will put up around the same numbers he did last season. In other words, he is a player you want to own.

5. Larry Fitzgerald(Cardinals)

-Fitzgerald took a little bobble in his development last season as his 69 catches and 6 TD’s were not what fantasy owners expected after his breakout 2005 season. However injuries were the main cause of the diminished production and I look for Fitzgerald to have a big year as he builds his rapport with QB Matt Leinart. The presence of fellow Pro Bowler Anquan Boldin will allow Larry to get single coverage and at his size, he should have no trouble getting open and piling up the catches. While Boldin may have slightly more catches, Fitzgerald is the one who will grab the more TD’s which in fantasy is the name of the game when it comes to scoring points. Draft him by the end of round 3 or if your lucky the top of round 4.

6. Terrell Owens(Cowboys)

-no one at the WR position will give fantasy owners more stress when it comes to deciding whether to draft him or not than Dallas’ mercurial, moody pass catcher. There is no doubt that when healthy and he has his head on right, Owens can flat out dominate a game. He proved that once again in a comeback season(85 catches, 13 TD’s) of sorts after the controversy/injury filled ending to his tenure in Philadelphia. Despite more than occasional drops, Owens is the best source out there for catching TD’s and for boorish behavior. So if you plan on drafting him, just be prepared for both.

7. Reggie Wayne(Colts)

-once again taking a giant step forward in his development, Reggie Wayne is almost running neck-and-neck now with counterpart Marvin Harrison in the value department. Despite still being considered the number two wideout in Indy, Wayne’s 86 catches and 9 TD’s were numbers indicative of a true number 1 receiver. Smack dab in his prime at the age of 28, this could be the year Wayne takes the mantle of top dog in the WR hierarchy. Make sure you get this guy. I certainly will.

8. Anquan Boldin(Cardinals)

-the other half of Arizona’s stud WR duo, Boldin once again was the go to guy in the passing game as far as total receptions are concerned(83 to Larry Fitzgerald’s 69). Boldin will continue to pile up the catches and is thus extremely valuable in point/reception leagues. His lack of top-notch speed has proven to be a non-hindrance and he is ability to run crisp routes will ensure a solid season. Only negative is the fact he is not as big a TD producer as Arizona will look to the much larger Fitzgerald in the red zone. Solid weekly performer will be a great number 2 receiver.

9. Roy Williams(Lions)

-after injuries impacted his production his first two seasons, Roy Williams put it all together in 2006 as he recorded a career-high 82 receptions with 7 TD’s. Williams has incredible size for his position and will win most one-on-one battles so an increase in TD’s is more than likely. The drafting of WR Calvin Johnson will take away most of the double teams he faced last season and thus also has a chance to reach the 90-catch plateau. Draft him for a potentially larger breakout season than the year before. Also don’t be afraid to reach for him as he could put up number one WR numbers.

10. Donald Driver(Packers)

-Brett Favre’s favorite target is in line for another great season as Green Bay tries to venture into the playoffs for possibly the last time with their Hall of Fame QB. Driver has made a nice career for himself despite not having top-notch speed and due to the fact Green Bay lacks another WR of Donald’s ability, another 90 catch season is very possible. Although you would like to see him score more than the 7 TD’s he recorded last season, those in point/reception leagues will especially value the fact that Favre will look to him first on every pass he goes back to throw. Draft him around the 5th round and you have yourself a top number two wideout. One of my favorite receiving options to draft.

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