Drugs and Alcohol

Having been a flower child of the sixties and seventies, most drugs were experimented with by me through the years, including alcohol. Yes, alcohol is a drug. In fact, it has been said to be the most dangerous drug of all because it is legal, glamorized by the media and very easily attained. The last statistic stated by the government warned that there were 93,000,000 alcoholics in the Untied States alone.

Having been a taxi driver who worked nights and weekends, people would often say to me, “I just drink, I don’t do drugs.” This statement soon became a pet peeve of mine. My response quickly comes as, “Alcohol is a drug!” This would sometimes bring a sobering look upon some thoughtful faces. Some would be quite angered by my statement and want to argue with me about it.

Drinkers are in denial and I’ll never tire of saying that alcohol is a drug! This should never be posted anywhere: ‘Drugs and Alcohol’. People! Alcohol is a drug! And if you drink alcohol… you ARE a drug user! Drinkers often consider themselves above than the average drug user because of the ignorant ideology of alcohol not being a drug. Not true, if you drink alcohol you are a drug user! In fact, you are a drug user of one of the most dangerous drugs in our history.

Here are many reasons why alcohol is the most dangerous drug there is. The romantic illusion that society has portrayed of alcohol has made it doubly dangerous. It is especially harmful to our children who may rationalize as many adults do–that drinking alcohol is okay because it is largely not considered a drug at all. Wrong! Are you teaching your child this dangerous misconception? It may one day kill them or someone else or both.

Children are often allowed to drink an addictive drug known as alcohol which may very well ruin their entire lives. We are condoning drug usage through alcohol just because it can be legally bought and glamorized by ads and society. However, we are only fooling ourselves. This is a very dangerous misconception for many persons. This continual self-disillusionment and egotistical notion that alcohol is not a drug burns my buns for many reasons.

I’ve lost two stepfathers, one drank himself to death. The other shot himself in the head. Both had drinking problems and abused the drug alcohol. They were alcoholic drug users in denial. An alcoholic friend of mine was only 19 when I found him with his brains splattered across his room from a self-inflicted gun shot wound. Yet a third alcoholic drug suicide.

Having been an avid pot smoker, my point is; I’ve never lost a single friend or family member to excessive marijuana use or any other illegal drug for that matter–other than alcohol. I’ve never had to attend the funeral of a friend or family member who put a gun to their head to end their life or become addicted to marijuana. Only psychological addiction to marijuana is possible, not physical addiction as with the alcoholic drug . I’ve yet to meet a violent marijuana user in 50 years. Perhaps a very hungry, sluggish and possibly way too friendly one! But never a violent person who was just a pot smoker only. However, depression, loss of memory, lung ailments and/or lung disease can develop with chronic and prolonged usage of marijuana. These appear to be the Vendetta only known problems with smoking marijuana. The benefits of its use would be another article in itself. Just to name a few: naturally fights glaucoma, pain, nausea and can be use for many other purposes other than smoking it to get high.

A drug user, is a drug user whether you consume nerve pills, drink alcohol or caffeine found in coffee, smoke pot, crack or nicotine from cigarettes. All the above are physically addictive drugs–except marijuana. How many of these drugs do you use daily? Be honest! When you think of calling someone a drug user or abuser, make sure your not on this list first.

I’m quite pleased to find that more strict regulations and laws have been enacted in regards to the most dangerous drug there is, alcohol. Still we are a long way from considering the alcohol drug as a number one killer of our people as it truly is. Personally, I still maintain that being born is the major cause of death. =)

Most somehow rationalize that drug use is okay, as long as it has been made legal by the government regardless of facts or affects upon our lives or the number of lives destroyed. When are we going to wake up and realize that the truth of anything, including how dangerous a drug can be, is in the results of its usage. We all know someone who has or is destroyed their life with alcohol.

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