Does Number Thirteen Scare You?

Annabelle could hardly wait until her thirteenth birthday. She was truly excited about the thought of finally becoming a teenager, the magical number thirteen. number 13 meaning The very same girl gets all spooked out about doing anything on the thirteenth, God forbid if the thirteenth is on a Friday.

What is it about number thirteen that so many people fear? Hotels may skip the room number thirteen. Hospitals report an increase of accidents on the 13th day of the month and an even larger increase if the 13th is on a Friday. Airlines report a decrease of travelers whenever Friday 13th occurs. When Queen Elisabeth II arrived at Duisberg Railway station in West Germany in 1965, they changed the platform number the train was due to arrive at from 13 to 12A. Throughout the western world, we find the fear of number thirteen. In Christian tradition this is explained with the story of the Last Supper.

We all remember Apollo 13. Some may use Apollo 13 as yet another example of thirteen being an unlucky number. Others may believe it shows that thirteen indeed is a lucky number. The astronauts returned safely to earth against all odds. They may be the luckiest people in the world.

In the ancient Maya culture thirteen was a sacred number. In Hebrew tradition thirteen is said to be auspicious. In Sikhism thirteen is considered a good omen. In Asia the unlucky number is four. In Japan the number nine is unlucky. In Christian tradition in Europe it was not a common superstition that thirteen was unlucky before the Middle Ages. The idea that there was something wrong thirteen spread and has since been firmly locked in the minds of millions of people.

It seems our minds have been programmed to believe bad things will happen on this day. This leads me to the philosophy of the power of attraction. What we believe and concentrate on seems to have a way of becoming true. Our mind is a powerful tool. Time and time again it has been proven that we attract the very situations we are obsessed about, whether it is something we fear or something we love.

Will the number thirteen attract unfortunate incidents in your life? The decision is entirely yours. Happy thirteenth, Annabelle

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