Business Opportunity Leads – Is Google Taking Over Keyword Research From Wordtracker?

If you have your own home internet business and are looking at keyword research for your SEO (search engine optimization) to obtain business opportunity leads, you might just want to look at Googles’ keyword research tool!

Wordtracker is currently the one used by most people but you have to purchase it. Here is a little bit of a comparison!

If I remember right, I once looked at trying Googles’ tool for keyword comparisons but it would only show a bar graph. If you get in and look at it now, it still has a graph but it will also give you numbers for the previous month and average of the last twelve months. It gives you a list of the most relevant keyword phrases as well. That is all I care about! Obviously, scrape google results that are drawn from the Google search engine contain much higher numbers than other keyword research tools but Google also has almost 90% of all search engine advertising!

Wordtracker from what I understand, scrapes the data from people using Dogpile and Metacrawler. Not many people in comparison are using these two search engines!

If you make side by side comparisons between the two, again statistics vary greatly. Google will show more robust numbers in the results. This would make sense just because of the vastly different numbers each one is scraping their results from. Again, Google “owns” the search engine advertising out there on the internet. The numbers they produce “will” be much higher. I am guessing the results would be much more accurate as well.

If you are indeed wanting to target specific business opportunity leads, I believe going with the monster who owns the internet right now would be the way to go! I believe they probably have the more accurate tool!

Do a search on the internet for Google keyword tool to find the page. If you want it easier than that, copy and paste the following link…

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