Affiliate Programs For Stay-at-home Moms (and Dads)

In recent weeks I have been particularly searching for some good, safe, genuine sites for affiliate programs which would especially appeal to stay-at-home Moms. I have been really and pleasantly surprised by the variety and quality of programs that are available. Most do not come with the sometimes questionable 75% commission tags of so many of the over-the-top hyped up sites which seem to abound in the GPT arena, but nevertheless, there are some very nice commissions to be earned, which can give you anything from $300-$1,000 extra income a month, depending upon how much work you want to put in.

As we all know, so many of us are overweight, but I didn’t want to go for the so-called weight loss programs, as frankly, I think only someone with the medical qualifications can sensibly advise on this. But what I did feel was missing, especially for the ladies, was a good site for plus sizes, where the designs didn’t look more like a tent we could all camp out in. So, naturally as a good internet marketer, I Googled “plus size dresses” to see who was at the top or near it.

Sure enough I found one, where the designs were feminine, sensuous even, but also practical, and at prices which would not break the bank. Their Affiliate Program was also a pretty attractive offering .For the ClickBank University Review It was an easy choice and soon had me looking for the next one, which I wanted to also appeal to stay-at-home Dads.

I recalled seeing something about US Government Car Auctions, where cars, SUVs and trucks that have been seized by various Government agencies (FBI, DEA, IRS etc) are put up for auction at very low prices. Discounts are substantial as reserve prices are low or even non-existent. Storage of vehicles is an expensive business, so again, with prices kept low, turnover is quick, and storage costs are minimized. Clearly this was an attractive proposition, even more so if there was a good Affiliate Program, and sure enough, there was.

My wife asked me if I had looked for anything under ‘handicrafts’ – I had not, and boy, was this a great area in which to search. I found a website called Associate Programs which was a goldmine of information. It wasn’t hard to find programs covering:

* Scrapbooks

* Quilting

* Jewelry making

* Soft-toy making

* Pottery

* Soap making

* Candle making

* Spa quality products

Just about all also had an Affiliate Program, so it was great to be able to offer, once more, the choice to visitors to either invest in the product, if they were interested, or join the Affiliate Program if that was a fit to their plans.

I don’t know about you, but one thing that has always fascinated me has been turning a drawing or a plan into reality. OK, I’m no architect or designer, far from it, but like most of us I do know what I like, even if I’m not great at visually recreating it.

I found something that I’d been looking for all my life, even if I didn’t know it! Having the nicest house in the world, is not going to look it, if your garden/yard looks more like a tip with a few haphazard flower beds. The site I found was all about landscaping, and it was really fascinating. The site’s owner, a landscaping pro has put together a few thousand photographs and a further thousand or two ideas, in a very reasonably priced e-book. And yes, he also had a neat Affiliate Program. This was an immediate buy for me personally, and also a very easy decision to sign up for the AP.

Another area I wanted to cover, was something I knew would appeal to a large number of women of all ages, whether as a grandma, a mom or a mom-to-be and even a good few sisters and aunts too! I was looking for good online mom & baby boutiques, where style and good value were the watch-words, and where the opportunities for reselling as an Affiliate were attractive. Sure enough there were quite a few to choose from, all of which, I think, carry great appeal for my target audience.

This was a fun few days, putting together details on a lot of topics that I’d previously known very little about. While I may not be an expert, I like to think that I can usually discern the good value from the over-priced and over-hyped. I leave it to you to see if you think I’ve got it right.

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