A Clean Shotgun Barrel Means Better Accuracy

If you are involved with the activity of trap shooting then you definitely have got to recognize how essential it is to take care your shotgun. If you don’t keep up the shotgun appropriately then obviously this possibly will in fact affect how true your shots shall be when shooting. Below we suggest several tips on just how to clean your gun. AR-15 For sale

However prior to even beginning to start cleaning your weapon the number one thing you must to do from a safety point of view is make certain that it is definitely unloaded. Only when you have confirmed this can you start the job of breaking down and cleaning the shotgun. You should read through the instruction manual furnished with your gun because this can explain completely just how to break down the weapon properly.

After you have broken down your skeet shooting gun you should check the inside of the barrel to determine whether or not any leading or corrosion has taken place, or if it is blocked. The best technique of accomplishing this is by putting on some bore cleaner to a gun cleaning brush or steel wool to get rid of whatever debris that could cause the barrel to be obstructed. Once you have done this use a dry clean cloth and pass this through the interior of the barrel as this helps you find out if there is still any oxidation or barrel leading in it

Then you find a patch that has a bit of gun oil on it and run this through the complete span of the barrel. Once you believe that you have removed all dirt from the gun can you put on some gun oil to the remaining metal workings remaining on the gun. Then it’s simply a task of putting the trap shotgun together before placing it inside its box or safe for safety sake until you go shooting again.

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